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The mission of the city is not disgraceful to see the Great Wall power in the snow and ice movement

Source: Great Wall Network Xu Yanyan Yan Siyu
2019-12-30 08:30:57
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Great Wall New Media reporter Xu Yanyan Yan Siyu Video production Hao Pengqi Lu Huoqing

"Everyone has done a great job! Thanks for the hard work of every staff member and actor. Now you can take pictures freely!" On December 28, after the opening ceremony of the first Ice and Snow Games in Hebei Province, the on-site director Zhao Bingfeng trembled. Shouted.

A 20-minute hot field performance, a 30-minute ritual session, and a 40-minute stylistic performance. A total of 90 minutes of the opening ceremony. As a rule, how long does it take to prepare for the preparation, rehearsal, and formal performance?

"It takes 100 days to play," Du Yanfeng, who has rich experience in directing large-scale performances and is the artistic director of the opening ceremony, told reporters, "But we have only 40 days from receiving the task to the final performance."

The main creative team discussed the opening ceremony performance plan. Photo by Chen Bo

In 40 days, we are more and more professional!

The opening ceremony of Hebei's first ice and snow games is of great significance. It is a microcosm of the province's ice and snow sports promotion in recent years, and it is also a "phased answer" for Hebei to participate in hosting the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022.

Due to time constraints and heavy tasks, Great Wall New Media Group attaches great importance to emergency mobilization. The group quickly convened a party committee meeting and requested that the opening ceremony be handled as a major political task. The first special class was established with the group party secretary and chairman Ma Laishun as the team leader, a clear division of responsibilities, and a scientific timetable. 1. Drop the map, direct forward, and schedule the project one day at a time.

Ma Lai Shun, Party Secretary and Chairman of Great Wall New Media Group, said that it is necessary to actively implement the responsibility of mainstream media, and in accordance with the general requirements of "thrift, green, and environmental protection," the Group will do its best to promote the promotion of ice and snow sports and the preparations for the opening ceremony.

"The biggest feeling is to cross the river by feeling the stones. Many difficulties can't be expected, and I can't think of them, and they will be resolved immediately when they appear." Zhang Yan, director of the brand activity department, said, "Our team is distributed in word coordination, Props, makeup, the director's group, and other links often work overtime until one or two in the middle of the night. On one occasion, dozens of children didn't close their eyes for 36 hours, they were dead on the plan and details. "

"Until the night before the official performance, Zheng Jiazheng, who was in charge of text co-ordination, was still considering the host's string of words; Chen Hong, who was in charge of contacting the actor, and the child was hospitalized with pneumonia for 9 days. Chen Bo's construction of the stadium needs to be completed before everyone enters the venue, and everyone will be demolished after leaving ... "

The main creative team is discussing the beautiful pictures of the opening ceremony of the first ice and snow games in Hebei Province. Photo by Chen Bo

"No one says hard work. On the contrary, everyone is excited about every breakthrough and change," Zhang Yan gave an example. "The figure skating performance brought by the athletes of the national team led the opening ceremony to a climax. And this program has continued to the official stage. We only finalized with each other two days before the show, and we just want to do our best to present the best content to the audience. "

Lu Jingai, who was the artistic director of the opening ceremony, praised the members of the group who participated in all the work of the opening ceremony. "This is a very young team. They are passionate and eager to learn. The preparation work can keep up with the pace in such a short time, it is amazing! "

Hao Jinting is communicating with the actors. Photo by Great Wall New Media reporter Yan Siyu

"Put your feet into the snow"

In addition to the opening ceremony, the promotion of ice and snow sports in the province is also an important task undertaken by Great Wall New Media Group.

"In order to achieve the goal of 30 million people on the ice and snow in 2022, how to display and promote the ice and snow sports in the province? There is no direct reference template in the province or even the whole country." Li Xiaosong, director of the New Sports Channel of Great Wall New Media Group, told reporters Sorry.

He also introduced, "The Group selected elites from the New Sports Channel, Education Channel, Recording Department and Brand Activities Department, and a total of 26 people formed the promotion team for the Ice and Snow Games. The Group will work hard to complete the promotion and popularization of the Ice and Snow Sports Display Group in the province. , Publicity and other tasks. "

On December 19th, the live broadcast team broadcast the speed skating competition (social group) of the first ice and snow games in Chengde 2019 in Chengde Mountain Resort. Photo by Gao Jingwei

Gao Jingwei, who is responsible for the coordination of the frontline, said: "From November 3rd to December 24th, it lasted 52 days. We were tied up on the front line, one city (county) every day, live local ice and snow activities, and launched a 1-minute short video and A drawing. "

In the past 52 days, this "front-line team" has been present everywhere the show team went. They used shooting equipment to spread the on-site "knowledge popularization + experience + competition" snow and ice campaign to millions of households.

Gao Jingwei took out his mobile phone and showed the reporter a promotional video of the snow and ice show for the whole nation, which was edited by shooting footage. "This is an ice hockey match in Chengde ... This is the municipal ice and snow sports meeting in Handan ... This is the Zhangjiakou Chongli Ski Resort ..." The scene that appeared in the film, Gao Jingwei is like a few treasures, and it was out of their team.

Chengde Mountain Resort Shuixinxie Ice Rink, the temperature of the day was below minus 20 degrees, and the shooting team worked outdoors for more than 6 hours. Photo by Gao Jingwei

"People pierced their feet into the soil, we pierced their feet into the snow and ice. They often stayed on the ice rink for a day, like Zhangjiakou and Chengde, more than 20 degrees below zero, and several people in the team were completely soaked. You see, this is Su Hang, who is in charge of the live broadcast technology, sitting in front of the ice rink's camera and holding a long-cooled pancake. "Gao Jingwei pointed at the work photo taken on the mobile phone at will.

"In extremely cold weather, the camera battery also freezes and strikes. Colleagues put the battery in their clothes and use their bodies to heat up." Gao Jingwei went on to say, "In order to catch up with the day of the event, we often rush on the road and work. Our slogan is 'Fight for 50 Days'. Basically, I work at all hours except sleeping, and I am cutting during meals. "

In order to achieve the same day event release, staff often perform video editing, manuscript writing, etc. in the car. Photo by Gao Jingwei

As of now, the promotion team of the Ice and Snow Games has released a total of 189 photo manuscripts, 51 videos, 48 live broadcasts, and 6 vibrato. Many works have been reprinted and pushed by the People's Daily and the Learning Powerhouse General Platform. The scope of influence and radiation has further expanded, directly affecting more than 5 million people.

For 52 days, the “frontline team” left footprints in 19 communities, 12 large squares, 23 large parks, and 2 snow fields in the province. Land curling, cross-country pulleys, land hockey ... everywhere the ice and snow show went, there was laughter. As of December 18, the province has participated in more than 15 million people participating in ice and snow sports, and more than half of the tasks set for 2022 have been completed.

More than 20 people, more than 10,000 hours

"This team made me very moved. With such a high workload, no one fell off the chain, and live-streaming reporter Wang Xuze broadcast live for seven or eight consecutive days. My throat went directly dumb. I went to the hospital and lost two days of fluid. ; More than 20 colleagues had a cold and some had a fever, and they were working with illness. "Li Xiaosong recalled more than 50 days and was very emotional.

"The difficulty of some jobs is unimaginable. How many people need to coordinate the activities of" 100 counties, 100 schools, and 10 people on the same day? "Schools, teachers, coaches, county-level financial media centers, technicians, reporters ... One place to contact10 Personally, there are thousands of people in 100 counties. For this task, we have 3 colleagues responsible for making a phone call for 5 days. Do you think it can be done? "

Li Xiaosong mentioned that the "100 counties and 100 schools on the same day snow and ice" activity, the use of provincial, city, and county three-level integration of media centers, online and offline combination, the province's 100 counties in 100 schools organized a unique ice and snow sports Perform a full webcast.

On the large screen of the Jiyun · Rong media platform, the live broadcast of the event of "100 counties and 100 schools on the same day on snow and ice" activity formed 110 webcast windows, dynamically showing the fiery scene of each school participating in the ice and snow sports. Photo by Great Wall New Media reporter Lu Huoqing

Zhang Shuqing, a team member in charge of the live broadcast co-ordination, also mentioned that in the "100 counties and 100 schools on the same day snow and ice" activity, the most difficult thing is to communicate and coordinate. "In one and a half months, contact 100 schools and test 100 signals The problems faced by each place are different. Either they do not have the conditions for live broadcasting, or they do not have technical know-how, or the equipment is broken, and we solve them one by one. "

On December 18th, the “100 People and 100 Schools in Hebei Province on the Same Day Snow and Ice” activity was successfully held in Hebei Province, and the 110-screen linkage was exceeded. This event alone brought 300,000 people across the province to participate in ice and snow sports.

Li Xiaosong told reporters, "This live broadcast is a template for Jiyun · Rong media platform to drive the linkage of provinces, cities and counties in the future. In addition to coaches, live media personnel at all levels of the Rong media center, one live broadcast, we mobilized the number of commanders to participate in a thousand . This type of cooperation is also the first in the country. "

One hundred counties, one hundred schools, and ten thousand people went to the snow and ice on the same day. The technicians ensured that the live broadcast went smoothly. Photo by Great Wall New Media reporter Lu Huoqing

Behind the 100-screen linkage in less than 60 minutes, there were more than 10,000 hours of hard work by more than 20 people. The live event appeared on CCTV's "News Broadcast" and was reported by many central media such as Xinhua News Agency and People's Daily.

The enthusiasm of the masses to participate in the ice and snow sports has not diminished, and the display and promotion work of Great Wall New Media Group will also seamlessly continue and advance.

"From December 20th to January 2nd, 2020, while completing our routine work, we started recommending a 'Frozen Star' every day, and distributed graphics and video reports simultaneously. Next, until 2022, We will focus on making ice and snow sports into brand activities, promote it to more families, and let more people fall in love and enjoy ice and snow. "Li Xiaosong said.

"Beijing and Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province to organize the Winter Olympics are one of the" three major events "in Hebei." Wang Yuelu, a member of the party committee and deputy general manager of Great Wall New Media Group, said, "As the mainstream media in Hebei, Great Wall New Media Group In preparing for the series of activities of the first Ice and Snow Games in Hebei Province, it is necessary to give full play to the technological and platform advantages of new media, and work hard to set off a wave of ice and snow for everyone in Hebei.

Time has begun. From now until 2022, Hebei Province is racing against time. Dedicating a wonderful, extraordinary and remarkable Winter Olympics is both a mission and a responsibility. As one of the mainstream media in Hebei Province, Great Wall New Media Group has an unshirkable responsibility.

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