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  • Pursuing more life may "slash youth" run on the digital economy track

    Is the rapid development of the digital economy creating only high-threshold jobs? Of the 13 new occupations announced by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security in April this year, 7 are related to artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies. More than half a year later, more affected by numbers ...
  • Have you absorbed the calcium you have taken these years? Dairy is the "Master"

    Calcium is an essential element of the human body. It is not only a nutrient for our bones, but also plays an important role in protecting the heart, blood pressure, nerves, and kidneys. Therefore, calcium supplementation is one of the things that must be learned in life. Nowadays, calcium supplements seem to ...
  • Beijing-Zhangzhou high-speed rail first launched at 350 kilometers per hour

    110 years ago, the first railway designed and constructed by the Chinese themselves, the Beijing-Zhanghai Railway, opened. Yesterday, China's first intelligent high-speed railway line, the Beijing-Zhanghai High-speed Railway, was launched and will serve as the Beijing Winter Olympics in 2022. Provide transportation ...
  • Four ministries: Commissary will gradually withdraw from primary and secondary school campuses

    The State Administration of Market Supervision, the Ministry of Education, the National Health and Health Commission, and the Ministry of Public Security jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on Implementing the Main Responsibility and Strengthening the Management of Campus Food Safety" yesterday, and proposed a series of new ...
  • Kunming, Yunnan: Caring for Migrant Workers in Winter

    The New Year's Day and the Spring Festival are approaching. The six companies of the China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group carried out the activity of “Sending Winter and Warmth and Caring for Migrant Workers” on a project site in Kunming, through pre-holiday safety education, issuing condolences, and guiding migrant workers to purchase tickets online. .
  • Where is the head teacher of "Gen Z" difficult? Teacher: One session is more difficult than the other

    There is a saying, "If you haven't been a class teacher, you don't really have to be a teacher"-the class teacher is the person who contacts the students the most, and is often the person who is closest to the students and has the deepest memory of the students after graduation for many years. Every year, young teachers jump ...
  • Prevention of cold "Vanjinyou" Vitamin C? I have misunderstood it for so many years

    Vitamin C has always been a sought after nutrient element. Many friends feel that regular consumption of vitamin C can strengthen the body, enhance immunity, and prevent the cold. Is vitamin C really amazing?
  • Are you still calling people "pig brains"? In fact, the pig's IQ is so high

    A paper published in "Applied Animal Behavioral Science" states that when exposed to something new for 2 days, the relevant memory of domestic pigs lasts at least 5 days. The study also found pigs' curiosity: compared to what they are familiar with, it ...
  • Mohe: "Northern Traffic Police" in extreme cold

    In the middle of the winter, from 7:30 to 8:30 in the morning, the lowest temperature in Mohe City, Heilongjiang Province, "China's Arctic", can reach minus 40 degrees Celsius, and it is easy to see "ice and fog" weather with a visibility of only about 100 meters. To ensure the safety of citizens' travel, every day ...
  • Hangzhou Lingyin Temple will distribute 300,000 Laba porridge for free

    On the first day of the lunar month, Laba porridge from Lingyin Temple in Hangzhou came out one after another. It is reported that this year Lingyin Temple will send more than 300,000 Laba porridge to construction sites, stations, communities, hospitals, nursing homes, welfare homes, schools for children of migrant workers for free.
  • Fun ethnic games on campus

    On December 26, the central kindergarten of Lijiaxiang Town, Changxing County, Zhejiang Province organized a fun ethnic game with the theme of "Colorful National Wind and Happy Come Movement".
  • Thousands of mansion house cement fell off? Construction of "Tofu Residue" has been stopped

    The different floors of many houses have problems such as "the beams and columns lightly pull, the concrete will fall", "the ceiling, walls, terraces, bay windows, etc. have cracks to varying degrees" and other problems.
  • Police build "nursing home" for retired police dogs

    In the wax snow mountain of Fuyang, Hangzhou, there is a special "nursing home"-Hangzhou Police Bai Yan lived here with a retired police dog 10 years ago, and set up a retired police dog nursing home at his own expense. Yesterday, a reporter from Beijing Youth Daily contacted the police Bai Yan ...
  • Spring, summer, autumn and winter, don't you have to get off the single flag? Is it another year?

    In fact, after all these years, I have been very happy. To me, the issue of "slip-off" is actually not as important as expected. The important thing is that this ceremony marks the beginning of a new year.
  • Approaching Animal Assisted Therapy Project: "Doctor Dog" Needs Exam

    Recently, the news that a "doctor of dogs" had to pass the strict assessment after assuming his post attracted attention. It is understood that "Doctor Dog" is an animal-assisted treatment project. After passing the assessment, the dog can participate in voluntary activities with the owner to help the elderly ...
  • Rescue 16-year-old "80s" mother to gain 18 kg for donating hematopoietic stem cells

    "I'm very lucky that I can match you successfully. I hope you will continue your studies and realize your dreams after you have been reborn." This letter, named "Sister Afar", was donated by HSCs from Huzhou, Zhejiang Zhu Yan ...
  • Over 40% of respondents said that if you wear Hanfu, will you wear Hanfu in your daily life?

    In recent years, there has been an upsurge in wearing Hanfu among young people. In parks, scenic spots, and even on the streets, more and more people wearing Hanfu can be seen. What do you think of Hanfu?
  • Hefei: Traditional Culture Welcomes New Year

    On December 25, the science and enterprise community in Hefei City, Anhui Province, and the Xiangzhang Yayuan Primary School in Hefei City launched a "traditional culture to welcome the New Year" theme activity. Students incorporate traditional family style house mottos such as diligence, frugality, honesty, and courtesy into handicraft works.
  • Spring Festival ticket rush war usher in peak season New Year's Eve train tickets will be on sale tomorrow

    2019 is coming to an end, and the day when we return home from the Spring Festival is getting closer. From tomorrow (26th), train tickets for New Year's Eve will be officially launched in 2020. What to do if the network is weak? Ticket "Second Light" and ...
  • Non-ETC users in Beijing must receive CPC cards instead of paper passes

    According to reports, the CPC card has read and write functions such as vehicle entrance information, route information, and billing information. Not only can it identify vehicle entry and exit toll stations, it can also accurately record the actual driving path of the vehicle.
  • 65-year-old Uncle Hardcore: Six packs of muscles trained in 10 years were once advanced cancer patients

    Uncle Jiang of Shapingba suffered from cancer 11 years ago and started to exercise after the operation. He persisted for 10 years. Now he has developed six pack abs and has become a "hard-core uncle" in the mouth of many young people.
  • Wuhan: Bright sea of lights attracts guests

    At the end of the year, Wuhan Happy Valley hosted a fantasy light festival, lighting up various lights, attracting many tourists to come and play.
  • 53% of respondents are willing to pay for e-commerce using environmentally friendly packaging

    The "Plastic Restriction Order" has been implemented for 11 years. At the same time that plastic shopping bags are being used in supermarkets and shopping malls for a fee, the rapidly growing field of online e-commerce seems to be a blank area for the "Plastic Restriction Order." Most e-commerce providers provide free plastic by default ...
  • Myopia cures adolescents, hunger cures cancer ... these rumors end

    Of the vast amount of information that is overwhelming, do you know how much is true and how much is false? Rumors stop at the wise.In 2019, we will, as always, clarify the facts, restore the truth, end the rumors, and let science be your backbone.
  • Study of take-out route Shandong middle school students won "Chinese Youth Nobel Prize"

    "Can takeaway routes and planning be delivered faster?" Such a "grounded" topic research has made a Shandong guy stand out in global competitions. Recently, Wang Yuzhou, a student of Experimental Middle School of Shandong Province, was awarded the title of a global middle school science award ...
  • Chongqing Yangtze River cable car “new”

    Recently, the “Yangtze River Cableway” in the Chongqing Internet Red Scenic Area was reopened after being repaired, and a new generation of ropeway cars was put into operation to attract citizens to visit and experience.
  • Winter fun

    On December 22, in Niutoushan Village, Antu County, Yanbian Prefecture, Jilin, people experience the fun of snow and ice on the ski slopes.
  • Behind the double number of candidates

    On December 22, the 2020 National Graduate Admissions Examination closed. This year, there were 3.41 million candidates applying for exams, an increase of 510,000 from last year, setting a new historical high. This year is also known as the "most difficult year for entrance examinations."
  • Dad wrote "anti-cancer diary" for his son over 5 years and wrote more than 1.22 million words

    "Baby, eat a small bowl of rice porridge, half a pear, and half a bottle of milk in the morning. At 11:15, take one AD capsule orally. At 13:10, take imatinib mesylate ..." The text is written by Song Jieshu of Huaian, Jiangsu, for his son Xiaofeng ...
  • 2019 scientific breakthrough: 3D printed "respiratory organs" cotton seeds germinate on the moon

    Technology has changed life. This year, scientists from different countries have made the pace of science move forward again. Cotton seeds emit the first shoots on the moon. At room temperature, gaseous carbon dioxide is converted into carbon batteries for the first time. The lightest neutrino mass is counted ...