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  • People-centered, compose a new chapter of "Governance of China"

    The "rule of China" declares a people-centered fundamental stand, value care and practice orientation. The firm people's position provides a foothold for the "rule of China", sincere people's feelings pour power for the "rule of China" and solid ...
  • Using Institutional Weapons to Promote the Construction of Ecological Civilization

    The construction of ecological civilization is a millennium plan for the sustainable development of the Chinese nation. The construction of an ecological civilization system is an important part of advancing the modernization of the national governance system and national governance capabilities.
  • Philosophical Implications of Promoting the Modernization of National Governance

    "The Decision of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China on Several Significant Issues in Upholding and Improving the Socialist System with Chinese Characteristics, Promoting the Modernization of the National Governance System, and Governance Capability" (hereinafter referred to as the "Decision") ...
  • Decisive

    The 70th birthday of New China was grandly celebrated, and after an extraordinary year 2019, the years opened a new page. For nearly 1.4 billion Chinese people marching on the Golden Road of National Revival, this New Year's bell is extremely exciting ...
  • Always waiting for the day and night-seize the historical opportunity of common development between China and the world

    In 2019, China, with its rock-solid confidence, striving for strength and perseverance, has stepped forward one step at a time by advancing the great cause of the past. The world witnesses together, no matter how complicated the domestic and foreign risk challenges ...
  • Qin Ping: Unleashing the System Dividend and Winning the Fight Against Poverty with High Quality

    This year is the key year for the successful completion of a well-off society. It is estimated that more than 10 million poor people will be put on file, and about 340 poverty-stricken counties will be lifted out of poverty. The task of relocating poverty alleviation in other places is basically completed, and poverty alleviation in deep poverty areas ...
  • Work hard and get more exciting in 2020

    Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Transport and other departments have successively held year-end work conferences to plan key tasks next year and reveal the livelihood list for 2020.
  • People's Financial Review: Strengthening the protection of the rule of law, giving private enterprises more sense of security

    The rule of law is the best business environment. The development and growth of private enterprises cannot be separated from the strong guarantee of the rule of law.
  • Theorists | Privacy protection, protect your "private garden"

    For every citizen, privacy is a secret space that he does not want to be known to others. It is a "private garden" that needs to be carefully guarded. The degree of social civilization is getting higher and higher, and people value their rights more and more. For 70 years, the opposite ...
  • New Year's Day Spring Festival visits, condolences, go deep

    The Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee recently issued a notice asking party organizations at all levels to carry out visits and condolences to party members, veteran party members, and cadres who have difficulties in life during the New Year's Day, so that party members, cadres and the general public can feel Xi Jinping ...
  • Say "Tight Hoop Charm" Honestly for two verses

    Recently, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection issued the "Notice on Persevering Consistent Winds and Disciplines to Ensure Clean and Clean Air for the New Year's Day in 2020", and required them to maintain a consistent wind and discipline to create a festive atmosphere.
  • To build and share a well-off society with China

    Well-off is not well-off, the key is to look at fellow villagers. It is the key to build a well-off society in an all-round way, so that the poor can "synchronize the well-off", and winning the offensive battle is an important guarantee.
  • Continuously improve the implementation of the Constitution (new knowledge and new perception)

    The rule of law, as the basic way of governing the country by our party, not only means institutionalizing, standardizing, and proceduralizing the governance of various affairs of the party, the country, and society, but also requires that all legal rules be in accordance with the Constitution, the people of all ethnic groups, all ...
  • People's Daily People's Comment: Constantly Inspiring New Vitality of Private Enterprises

    The promulgation of "Opinions on Creating a Better Development Environment to Support the Reform and Development of Private Enterprises" provides institutional guarantees for the development of private economy, injects strong momentum, and makes private enterprises' environment more transparent, the playing field more fair, and the stage wider.
  • People's Daily Commentary Department

    The basic trend of stability and long-term improvement of China's economy has not changed. Chinese society has maintained vitality and vitality, and the Chinese people have not stopped moving towards a better life.
  • 90 years later, the Gutian Conference and today's conversation

    An antique Hakka courtyard, leaning against the green hills, facing the paddy field. Behind the house, the eight big red characters of "The Gutian Conference forever shines" are solemn and solemn, which attracted a lot of tourists to ponder the deep meaning.
  • [China Moves Forward] A Dialectical Unity of Motivation and Balance

    The rapid and healthy development of a society depends on two mechanisms. One is the dynamic mechanism and the other is the balance mechanism. The pros and cons of any society are fundamentally caused by these two mechanisms and their relatives ...
  • Hong Kong media: why the United States is suspicious of "made in China" only because of injury

    When we welcome global trade, we know that there are various risks, but we choose not to let them affect our business and life. But some people find the risk terrible, and every corner is a foreign ghost. True, we need to combat terrorism ...
  • Comment: Shame on Xinjiang Elementary Schools

    At present, some western media are completely reversing black and white around Xinjiang-related issues and defying common sense in this world. It is worth noting that they are now operating on the education in Xinjiang primary schools, which may be trying to open up a new direction to discredit Xinjiang.
  • Talking about China | China's People's Life Has Changed dramatically

    The vicissitudes of life have been 70 years, and the national rejuvenation has been brilliant. In the 70 years since the founding of New China, the lives of our people have undergone tremendous changes. How does change happen? Let's find the answer from the numbers!
  • Governance says: Inspire governance effectiveness with pragmatic innovation

    Practice has proven that leading party-level social governance with party building reflects the huge advantages of the socialist system with Chinese characteristics and is an effective experience for urban grass-roots governance.
  • "Mobile China" "energy storage" for high-quality development

    "The sea does not resist the flow, so it is very big." The flow contains surging vitality, and the active population flow also means that the vitality of development is constantly being upgraded. Since the reform and opening up, the party has carried out system innovation in a timely manner and promoted the population factor in industry, industry ...
  • People's Financial Evaluation: Optimize the market environment and let private enterprises participate in the competition more fair

    "Supporting the development of private enterprises is the consistent policy of the Party Central Committee, and this will not be shaken." On December 22, the "Opinions of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on Creating a Better Development Environment to Support the Reform and Development of Private Enterprises" (hereinafter referred to as ...
  • Make the special inspection "look back" into a weapon to fight poverty

    From late December 2019 to mid-January 2020, the 15 central inspection teams will carry out "look back" on all 13 central and western provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities and 13 central units inspecting the central poverty alleviation campaign. As of now, all central inspection teams are ...
  • [China moves forward steadily] Speed up the formation of a complete system of party regulations

    The laws and regulations within the party belong to the institutional form with Chinese characteristics, and play an extremely important role in the practice of the party in power. Only by administering the party in accordance with the rules and by the party can the country be governed by the law.
  • [70 @ 中国 路 Q & A] Why must we insist on administering the party comprehensively and strictly?

    Adhering to administering the party comprehensively and strictly is an essential requirement of adhering to the party's leadership, and it is also an inherent requirement of "hardening itself."
    日期: 2019-12-27 Source: China Net Date: 2019-12-27
  • [Party Construction Review 01] The Fourth Plenary Session "Decision" reflects the integration of history and reality

    The Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee summed up the past, based on the present, and planned for the future, and made a "decision" on several major issues in upholding and developing the socialist system with Chinese characteristics, advancing the modernization of the national governance system, and governance capabilities.
  • [70 @ 中国 路 Q & A] Why is it stressed that "a big party must look like a big party"?

    General Secretary Xi Jinping said: "The Communist Party of China is the largest political party in the world. It must have a big appearance." "Large appearance" refers not only to the extremely large number of party members of the Communist Party of China, but also the large-scale organizational system. ..
    日期: 2019-12-27 Source: China Net Date: 2019-12-27
  • China Daily Online Review: Lifting Restrictions on Settlement and Inspiring Mobility

  • The Eternal Task of Answering the Original Mission with a New Starting Point

    Only by doing a good job of summing up can we ensure that the theme education starts, finishes, and accomplishes well, better organizes and guides party members and cadres to keep their original heart and mission, firm their ideals and convictions, fulfill the purpose of the people, gather the power of progress, and continue to build ...