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  • Guangxi man sentenced to assist in smuggling nearly 270 tons of frozen meat

    A 53-year-old man from Guangxi, Mai, was hired by someone to help smuggle 269.44 tons of frozen animal products such as beef and chicken feet from Vietnam to Hainan. Recently, the Second Intermediate People's Court of Hainan Province tried the crime of smuggling goods that the country forbids import and export. The first trial ...
  • China Maritime Police Administration Law Enforcement Certificate Announced January 1, 2020

    On December 30, the reporter learned from the China Coast Guard Bureau that on January 1, 2020, the China Coast Guard Bureau will officially launch the China Coast Guard Law Enforcement Certificate, as a marine police law enforcement officer, to perform maritime rights enforcement law enforcement duties and exercise corresponding law enforcement on behalf of the country. Job ...
  • "Netnet 2019" Top Ten Cluster Campaign Killed Over 200 "Black Production" Companies

    On December 30, the Network Security and Protection Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security held a summary meeting of the top ten clusters of the "Net Net 2019" in Nanjing, Jiangsu.
  • Moutai fake wine industry chain: 2700 Yuan Feitian Moutai bottled 70 Yuan Prince wine

    CCTV Exposes Moutai Counterfeit Wine Industry Chain: 2700 Yuan Feitian Wine Bottle 70 Yuan Prince Wine Online Sale!
  • Deciphering rice circle black words: deliberate hype for traffic disoriented teens

    aswl, wlsw, upside down, pull down ... Do you understand these "rice whispers"? Rice circle, which is the collective name of fans for their star-chasing group, and some of them use abusive language and fabricated facts on the Internet, ...
  • Women's online shopping socks "customer service" 10 times active compensation results 30,000 yuan gone

    I bought a few pairs of socks. After a few months, I suddenly received a call from the "customer service" saying that "I would take the initiative to compensate 10 times the price due to quality problems". Would you gladly accept such a "good thing"? In fact, this is an old-fashioned phishing trap.
  • Human possession of "industrial chain" Ma Zi leader: I don't swallow drugs for 1 million

    On his birthday, Ding Kang (pseudonym), who had not returned to visit his parents for a long time, was caught by the police of the Nanjing Railway Public Security Department on the high-speed rail. At the time, he was directing a minor who had swallowed 60 heroin via WeChat to "detoxify" in the hotel. he...
  • 70 new drugs included in the medical insurance catalog

    Import tariff adjustments for some commodities, the foreign investment law was officially implemented, and 70 new drugs were included in the medical insurance catalogue ... From January 1, 2020, a number of new regulations were formally implemented, affecting many aspects of people's production and life.
  • Qianfu Mansion Cement Dropped "Tofu Residue" Real Estate

    Thousands of mansion, the cement fell off? !! Reporter's visit: The construction of "tofu dregs" is completely suspended.
  • What happened to these fans? Addicted to live broadcast "privilege" on the road to crime

    "Ladies and sisters in the live room, they are beautiful and have a good voice ..." The 18-year-old Xiao was fascinated by the anchor of a live broadcast platform. Xiaomou has no job and no money, but wants to spend gifts and rewards on the live broadcast platform. for...
  • Liaoning collects more than 300 million wages a year for 18,400 migrant workers

    "You can finally feel at ease this year and never have to worry about getting money back." A month ago, Sun Wei, a migrant worker in Benxi, Liaoning, received a default of 18,800 yuan with the help of the Dalian Legal Aid Center. . And she was just ...
  • Environmental and judicial departments join forces to combat ecological crime

    The original monitoring data archives are suspected of falsification, tampering with forged monitoring data, illegal dumping of hazardous waste, and excessive discharge of pollutants ... Recently, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment disclosed 6 typical cases investigated and handled locally. It is worth noting that these 6 cases ...
  • Every bet in the WeChat group must win is a scam everyone loses money

    Gamblers are recruited through the establishment of WeChat groups, gambling by betting size, single and double guessing, etc. based on the results of quiz game websites, and control and management using WeChat groups. A few days ago, through the Procuratorate of Pingqiao District, Xinyang City, Henan Province ...
  • Problems in life need to be solved. See what the draft Civil Code says

    The fifteenth meeting of the Standing Committee of the Thirteenth National People's Congress considered the much-watched Civil Code of the People's Republic of China (Draft).
  • Single women's frozen eggs are controversial: why is unmarried frozen eggs a legal gap?

    Because she refused to provide frozen egg services to single women, the 31-year-old unmarried woman Xu Zaozao (pseudonym) sued Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital affiliated to Beijing Capital Medical University to the court on the grounds of "violating general personality rights."
  • Real Kung Fu responds to being sued by Bruce Lee's daughter: studying the case and preparing to respond

    On December 25, there were media reports that the American company Bruce Lee Enterprises, LLC (Bruce Lee Co., Ltd.) filed a lawsuit and claimed economic damages for the famous Chinese fast-food chain famous brand Kung Fu using the icon resembling Bruce Lee ...
  • Tianjin man sentenced to life imprisonment in Thailand

    Tianjin man Zhang Yifan was prosecuted by the Prosecutor's Office of Phuket Province, Thailand, in accordance with Article 289 (4, 5) of the Thai Criminal Law, for intentional murder and brutal injury to death. Zhang Yifan made a complete confession at the last trial, advocating "passionate killing ...
  • Beijing Civil Aviation General Hospital suffers medical injury and doctor dies

    At 6 o'clock on December 24, 2019, Yang Wen, the deputy chief physician of the emergency department of Beijing Civil Aviation General Hospital, suffered malignant injuries to a patient's family during normal diagnosis and treatment, resulting in serious neck injuries.
  • Shanghai Qingpu prison warden refutes British media nonsense: imagination is a bit rich

    British media recently accused foreign prisoners serving sentences in Shanghai Qingpu Prison of forced labor to make Christmas cards. Today, CGTN interviewed Li Qiang, the secretary of the Qingpu Prison Party Committee and the director of the prison, and he directly refuted the report.
  • Revealing the true face of the "Almighty God" cult: The flower season girl dropped out of school and turned into a working "machine"

    Xiao Zhou was originally a student at a key university, with a top score and a qualification for insurance research. But just three months before graduation, she secretly withdrew from the school, hurriedly left the school, and even the graduation certificate and study ...
  • 10 people were investigated in Hunan for fireworks explosion in Liuyang

    On the evening of the 23rd, the reporter learned from the Hunan Provincial Emergency Management Department that during the investigation and disposition of the "12 · 4" firework factory explosion accident in Liuyang City, so far 10 criminal suspects have been taken criminal coercive measures and 4 have been taken lien measures. And otherwise ...
    日期: 2019-12-24 Source: Xinhuanet Date: 2019-12-24
  • Saudis sentence 5 people involved in Kashuji killings to death

    Saudi Arabia's Procuratorate said on the 23rd that five people involved in the killing of Saudi journalist Kashuji were sentenced to death.
    日期: 2019-12-24 Source: Xinhuanet Date: 2019-12-24
  • Looking for work on the Internet strayed into the "drug nest" Sichuan guy sentenced to 11 years in prison for drug trafficking

    The word "Xunzi" is a swear word in Wang Hao (pseudonym) 's hometown, Dazhou, Sichuan, but 26-year-old Wang Hao did not expect that he would one day be "a bitch" and pay a high price.
  • What are the main disciplinary violations of public officials involved in the Sun Xiaoguo case?

    According to the website of the State Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, on December 23, 2019, the Yunnan Higher People's Court publicly sentenced Sun Xiaoguo in the retrial of Sun Xiaoguo's 1997 crime of rape, forced insult to women, intentional injury, and provocation.
  • "Graduate was stung by scholarship" follow-up: 3 people detained and 1 police suspended

    On February 18, Wang Mouyu, a second-year graduate student at Shenyang University, stated that three months ago (September 19), she had been stigmatized on campus because of a dispute with her classmates due to a scholarship.
  • Guiyang Bank employee sentenced to pay 85,000 points for ETC credit card collection after receiving bribes

    The Criminal Judgment of the People's Court of Huichuan District, Zunyi City, Guizhou Province ((2019) Qian0303 Xingchu 498) announced on December 17 of China Judgment Documents Network shows that in the ETC credit card business, an employee of Zunyi Branch of Guiyang Bank Xiao Moumou. ..
  • Fight against domain name infringement and protect Chinese and foreign parties equally

    On December 18, the Hangzhou Internet Court of Zhejiang Province publicly sentenced the plaintiff Li and the defendant Italy's Bopumeng Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bopumeng Bank) on the domain name ownership and infringement dispute. The trial found that the plaintiff ...
  • How does Nanjing Railway Police seize more than 1,400 fake train tickets? How does it work?

    In your circle of WeChat friends, have you been swiped by various links for "robbing tickets for help"? Ten days ago, the 2020 Spring Festival train tickets went on sale, kicking off the prelude to the Spring Festival tickets. According to statistics, ten days after the sale, 1300 ...
  • Shandong Linyi responds to "Illegal Business and Industry Refusal to Issue License": will be held accountable seriously

    According to the website information of the Hedong District Government in Linyi, Shandong, regarding the recent "death of a restructured enterprise in Shandong: business and industry refused to issue licenses, and the parties claimed more than 70 million", the Hedong District Government issued a notification on the 19th saying that a joint investigation team had been established .
  • Stars sued netizens for infringement of reputation right, 70% of defendants are teenagers under 30

    "Beijing Internet Court" Fan Culture "and Youth Internet Speech Misconduct Research Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report") was released on December 19, "Report" on the "fan culture" under the influence of adolescent Internet speech misconduct ...